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Mistakes Not To Make During Your Immigration Interview

by | Nov 16, 2023 | Firm News

Previously, we covered the most important things to consider for your immigration interview. Things like showing up on time dressed appropriately, having all necessary documents arranged and no matter how nervous you are, always providing truthful answers. These are among the most important factors that play in your favor when going to an immigration interview.

Today we’ll take another approach and cover what you should never do during your immigration interview. If you’re shooting for a positive response on your immigration request (which most are) then you need to know what to avoid. The immigration interview plays a crucial role in the final decision. How you act during the interview is what will determine whether you’re issued pass or rejected stamp on your application. Read carefully what you should never do in your immigration interview.

Never Make These Mistakes During An Immigration Interview

This is not a complete list but some of the most important mistakes never to make. Remember, it’s always important to consult with an attorney before going on your interview.

Disrespecting Any Immigration Officials

When going into your interview, you need to show respect to the immigration officer. You need to be dressed accordingly, as the interview is a formal matter and your dress code should reflect upon that. Your attitude towards the immigration officer is also very important. You should greet them accordingly and introduce yourself at the beginning of the interview.

When they ask a direct question, you need to look them in the eyes and provide a direct answer. If you are looking at your feet or digging up stuff from your documents, you may frustrate the official and they can deny your request. We’re not saying that the immigration officers are vindictive, but a show of respect goes a long way, and you should never test the officer’s nerves on such a serious matter.

Showing Up Late

Coming later than your appointed time is one of the worst offenses you can make on your interview. This is a strong reason for an almost certain denial of your application. The immigration officers do not tolerate this. If you happen to not show up on time for your interview, the officer may assume that you are renouncing your application.

To stave off a real headache, you should learn the exact location of the USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) Office. Visit the building a few days in advance, learn the route, and find the nearest parking lot that would be convenient for you. To save time and ensure that you don’t run into unexpected problems, prepare to arrive at least 30-40 minutes earlier than necessary.

Forgeting Official Documents

You will need to have the original documents with you when meeting with immigration officers. The original documents or certified copies prove that the claims are true. This is very important, especially with birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, and certificates of naturalization.

If you don’t have the originals with you, then you may be asked to bring them at a later date, or if you annoy the immigration officer, then you can be outright denied. The official request for original documents is common, and if you fail to produce them during your interview, then you are knowingly making a mistake and heavily reducing your chances of success.

If you happen to be unable to deliver the original documents for some reason, then what you do is apologize in advance and carefully explain the reason why. Depending on the immigration officer, you may be granted a delay and given another opportunity.

Not Having An Interpreter Present

Per the US laws, any interview between a foreign citizen and a US official needs to have an interpreter present. Since most of the immigration interviews are with people that have been living in the USA for a while, the interviewees have sufficient mastery of the English language. On the off chance that you don’t speak the English language very well, it is your obligation to bring a certified interpreter with you. Being unable to understand the immigration officer is a surefire way to have your petition denied.

Not Preparing Before The Meeting

You should prepare yourself before your immigration interview. If you fail to prepare, then you are setting yourself up for failure and prepare to be denied. To best prepare, you should consult with a professional, competent, experienced immigration attorney as they can provide invaluable advice on how to better pass your interview.

If you give ambiguous answers to the direct questions asked by your immigration officer, you will surely be stamped with a denied status on your request. That is why you need to carefully prepare your answers and make sure you and your spouse (if applicable) are on the same page. Things like joint lease agreements, joint banking statements, photo evidence of the bonafide marriage, and the like are considered quality evidence that serves well when applying for an immigrant visa. Any suspicion that the marriage is one of convenience will end up in denial of the request and could land the applicants in serious problems.

You need to get to know each step of the application process for a US immigrant visa or US citizenship. Being prepared will increase your chances of success. Another thing that also helps is hiring a competent immigration attorney that will guide you throughout the process.

If you’re looking for more advice and need help getting through the process, please do not hesitate to contact us for information or assistance.