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Smart Solutions To Complex Immigration Needs

When you need guidance through a complex immigration process, you are looking for a dedicated immigration lawyer with extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge of the law.

The Law Offices of Hans Burgos is a top-rated, boutique immigration law firm based in Miami. Our office consists of client-oriented legal professionals trained to ensure that we meet your immigration needs. Every day, we confidently and diligently provide our clients with personalized attention to help them achieve their personal, professional and legal goals.

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Immigration Lawyers Who Put Clients First

At the Law Offices of Hans Burgos in Florida, we are dedicated to the field of United States immigration law. We represent clients with the following immigration matters:

  • U.S. residency visas We represent clients with their U.S. residency green card applications before U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), U.S. consulates abroad and other government agencies.
  • Employment visas We work with foreign investors (E-2 or EB-5), professionals (H-1B or EB-2), intracompany executives/managers (L-1A or EB-1) and people of extraordinary ability (O-1 or EB-1). We also assist corporations with immigration compliance, real estate closings, and corporate registrations.
  • Family immigration and fiancé(e) visas We assist foreign nationals with qualifying relatives in this country as well as U.S. residents and citizens who wish to bring over family members or fiancé(e)s.
  • Deportation defense and removal proceedings If you or a family member is facing a deportation or removal proceeding and is at risk of being expelled from the United States, we will invoke remedies such as immigration waivers and asylum applications.
  • Citizenship When you are ready to seek citizenship through naturalization, we will be there to help.

We always put our clients first, providing legal strategies with your best interests in mind. When you meet with us, we will listen, answer your questions and evaluate the detail of your case with great care and diligence.

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We distinguish ourselves from other immigration law firms by handling not only typical immigration cases but also those matters involving complex immigration issues. Our mission is to deliver excellent, personalized and vigorous legal representation to every one of our clients. If you’re looking for the best immigration attorney in Miami then look no further. 

We provide services in Spanish, and we offer initial consultations. To schedule an appointment, please call us at 305-442-1240 or reach out by email. Se habla español.