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Clients Feedback (Reviews)

We’ve worked with many satisfied clients over the years. Please see below for some of the feedback we’ve received.


When I met Hans Burgos, I was going thru one of the toughest times in my life. Along with personal problems, I was carrying the burden of a tough immigration case, which could potentially cause me to have to leave the US. As soon as I went into his office, I realized that I was dealing with a different firm. Unlike some lawyers offices, Hans and his team of professionals proved to be caring, respectfull and knowledgable all the way thru the entire process. At the end, it was Hans’ dedication and attention to detail that granted mi case’s successful outcome. The best immigration firm, hands down.

Since I retired from the F.B.I. in 2002 my company has worked for a number of lawyers on cases ranging from immigration to corporate fraud and criminal defense. As an F.B.I. agent, I also knew Hans when he was an immigration prosecutor. Of all the lawyers I’ve worked with, Hans stands out in his knowledge of immigration law, his integrity, and his commitment to his clients. As a P.I. I’m frequently asked for lawyer recommendations. The only immigration lawyer I recommend is Hans.

Recently he work in an inmigration case of a friend, and he was excellent, the passion he shows with the case only comes from a genuine belief in what you do.

Hans and his team of professionales are knowledgable and show passion for what they do. The icing on the cake was that they proved to be trully compassionate and respectul with us, the customers. I would recommend Hans to any friend or relative if needed.

My case was not a simple one. It solution depended on knowledge and commitment. That was what Hans and Magaly did. And after two very difficult years they found the favorable solution. In my case they were good lawyers, but more than lawyers they were friends

As soon as I entered his office, I felt I was in good hands. He is very knowledgeable and experienced in what he does. I am so glad I hired him as my case was difficult and risky (Federal crime/ Immigration). He is very professional, and honest. He was on top of my case all along. He responded my emails, phone calls, and any questions I had in a timely manner. Hans made it easy for me and my family. My petition was granted by the ICE judge, and I couldn’t be happier. I will definitely recommend him to anyone in need of a great attorney. Thank you Hans!

Hans guided me in the process of obtaining my permanent resident E1 visa from the initial stage of requesting advisory to the last stage of the DOS interview. Although at times information from his office flowed more slowly than I would have liked, Hans was at all times supportive and proved to be pedagogical and sincere in explaining the nature of the E1 immigration process. In each stage he provided legal information and guidance, and made one feel that he was on the same boat. I would definitely recommend Hans Burgos as a knowlegeable and efficient lawyer.

Attorney Hans Burgos is an excellent profesional; he loves his work and he is very compromised with his clients. He is a very good person. I recommend him in Inmigration Law, because he helped me a lot!!!
Hernando Manzano