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Overcoming Obstacles To Citizenship

For many people, becoming a United States citizen is their dream. Too often, however, complex laws and a difficult administrative process stand in the way of that dream. At the Law Offices of Hans Burgos, we work with our clients throughout the entire naturalization application process to ensure that they become U.S. citizens.

We are skilled and compassionate attorneys who have extensive legal experience. We have successfully acquired U.S. citizenship for clients who experienced difficulties before U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) due to their criminal records, past immigration violations, child support issues or U.S. tax issues. We represent clients throughout Florida and nationwide.

Are You Eligible?

After having been a U.S. permanent resident for a certain number of years, foreign nationals may qualify for U.S. citizenship. Eligibility for citizenship will depend on several factors, such as:

  • Your age
  • The length of time you have been a permanent resident
  • Your physical and continuous residence in the U.S
  • Your ability to read, write and speak English
  • Your good moral character
  • Your willingness to adopt the principles and ideals of the U.S. Constitution

When you meet with us, we will help you understand how these factors might apply to your situation and what you can do to increase your chances for approval.

Becoming A United States Citizen Through Naturalization

There are many paths to naturalization, and those paths are not always simple and straightforward. We are full-service attorneys who will guide you through your legal issues and zealously advocate for you every step of the way. We can represent you in these situations:

  • Applications for U.S. citizenship – We represent lawful permanent residents with their applications for naturalization. We are immigration lawyers who can help you when you are seeking to become a citizen of the U.S. in either a typical case or in a complex case, where you may have some type of barrier, such as a criminal background.
  • Appeals from denials of U.S. citizenship – We also represent lawful permanent residents who have been denied naturalization on requests for hearings before supervisory examiners and on petitions for review by a U.S. District Court.

From your initial consultation to your naturalization ceremony, we at the Law Offices of Hans Burgos will provide you with the tools and legal representation needed for you to successfully become a U.S. citizen.

Learn How To Get Started

We understand the naturalization process and its difficulties. We have the skill, knowledge and resources to effectively and assertively navigate the legal system and the government to achieve your legal goals. Learn how to start the process in your initial consultation for $150. You can reach out online or call our Miami office at 305-442-1240 to schedule your appointment. Se habla español.