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Immigrating To The USA From United Kingdom

The United States has deep connections with the United Kingdom and quite a large number of immigrants from the UK have settled on U.S. soil for centuries. Seeing as the official language in the USA is English, the relation between these two countries cannot be denied. However, that does not mean that that the Brits have it easy when it comes to modern-day immigration.

They have to go through all the legal hurdles in obtaining a Green Card and a permanent US residency. Our firm, Hans Burgos P.A. has experience in dealing with these immigration issues. We’re prepared to help and offer advice on any immigration related legal issue.

Visa Options For Great Britain Citizens

The most common way people of Great Britain end up in the US is for employment purposes, as half of them come to the US to work. Next are education and family relationships. Due to the similar cultural habits and same language, it is fairly easy for the UK nationals to assimilate in the US society.

Here are the main ways available for UK nationals to come to the US on an immigrant-based visa.

  • Employment
  • Family Sponsorship

To be eligible for a Green Card application, a person from the United Kingdom needs to first obtain a work visa and become legally employed. The best course of action is to apply for an EB-1 and EB-2 immigrant work visas, as these provide the highest chance of obtaining a Green Card.

There are also temporary work visas that can be granted to UK residents. However, only some of these allow the option for changing their legal status and obtaining a Green Card. This is why we advise everyone from the UK interested in moving permanently to the USA to seek legal advice from an experienced immigration lawyer.

For anyone that has immediate family members who are US citizens, they have the opportunity to use these connections to obtain an immigrant visa and later obtain a Green Card. However there are legal stipulations related to this option, and these are dependent on the exact relation with the family members and ability of providing adequate proof of such.

At Hans Burgos P.A., we have helped many people from the United Kingdom. We’ve assisted clients looking to obtain visa approval and resolve their legal status in the United States. For any questions and inquiries, feel free to contact us via email, phone or simply visit our offices in South Florida.