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Immigration From South Korea To The United States

In the early 1970s and up to 2010s, the United States was a very popular destination for South Korean immigrants. Even though this trend has recently slowed, there are still plenty of South Koreans that are looking to enter the US legally.

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Visa Opportunities For Natives of South Korea

Since there is a large South Korean community throughout the US, almost all the major cities have a significant South Korean population. Another interesting fact is that South Koreans have one of the highest naturalization rates of all immigrant groups in the USA.

There are two main options for South Korean nationals who wish to obtain a Green Card:

To come to the US on a work visa, a South Korean national must be sponsored by an employer. The immigrant work visas that are available for South Koreans are the EB-1 and EB-2 visas, which almost immediately after entry in the US lead to obtaining a Green Card.

However, to obtain an EB-1 or and EB-2 work visa, one should possess extraordinary abilities, or be an extraordinary researcher or professor. This is also valid for high-ranking executives in foreign companies that have US-based offices.

Temporary work visas available to South Koreans are the H-1B, L-1, O-1, and the E-1 visa. Any South Korean who has obtained one of these visas and decides they would like to stay in this country, there is the option to change their legal status and apply for an employment-based immigrant visa. We always advise that any individual interested in immigrating to the USA consult with legal counsel before applying for a visa.

Family sponsorship is also a relatively straightforward way of obtaining a US Green Card. This option includes Immediate Relative option and Family Preference, and in both cases, there needs to be an immediate or close relative who is already a US citizen. Be prepared to handle the legal documentation that goes along with this process.

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