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US Visas For Nigerian Citizens

A lot of Nigerians have selected the USA as their destination for education or employment. This has led to many Nigerian citizens with high-quality US education deciding to remain in the USA. Today there are large Nigerian communities all across the USA, mainly in Texas, New York, and Maryland.

Visa Options For Nigerians

We at Hans Burgos Immigration Offices have an excellent team of legal professions that are knowledgeable and ready to help anyone looking to get a US immigrant visa. It’s why here we offer Nigerian nationals some advice on how to obtain their US visa.

Due to the rocky political climate, at the moment Nigeria is placed on the US Travel Ban of 2020. This means that Nigerian people that are looking to get permanent US residency or a Green Card will not be allowed to do so until the ban is active.

Otherwise, the immigrant visa opportunities for Nigerians include these options:

The family sponsorship option is one of the most direct ways to get a US Green Card and later a permanent residency. This means that the applicant needs to have either an immediate or close relative who is a US citizen and have them sponsor their immigrant visa. To best determine your eligibility, it is recommended to discuss your case with an immigration attorney.

The US offers employment visas to skilled workers. These visas include the EB-1 and EB-2 and allow the visa holders to receive a Green Card soon after entering the USA. To be eligible for one of these visas, the applicants should have special skills, higher education, and proof of employment in a US company.

Nigerians can apply for the yearly Green Card Lottery and try their luck in getting a US Green Card. Each year, the US Government gives 55,000 Green Cards to applicants from countries with low immigration percentages.

Claiming refugee status is a way of coming to the USA. However, to be eligible for this status, the applicant needs to prove that they are under a direct threat in their country of origin. The unrest and bad political climate in Nigeria allow its people to use this option for coming to the USA. Still, it is better to consult an immigration specialist to better learn your options.

Apart from the immigrant visas available to Nigerians, there are several non-immigrant visas that people can use and get temporary employment in the USA. These are the H-1B visa, L-1, E-1, and O-1 visa. Some of the individuals that would come to this country with a non-immigrant visa, but decide they want to remain and seek permanent US residency can apply for a change of status and ask for an immigrant work visa while they are in the USA.

From all of the above, it is evident that there are several routes through which one can obtain either an immigrant or a non-immigrant visa to the USA. For more detailed explanations, our team of immigration lawyers is at your disposal. Feel free to call or email us and schedule an appointment, or visit our office in Miami, Florida for a free 15-minute consultation.