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Immigrating From Iran To The United States

The Iranian culture is very, very different than the US culture in many aspects, from simple dress code to family and more. This means that the process that Iranians need to undergo in order to receive a visa from the U.S. is very tedious and quite specific. However, it’s much easier with the help of an attorney. The experienced team at the Law Office of Hans Burgos has a long and successful rate of helping clients worldwide obtain visas.

Visa Options For Citizens of Iran

Due to the current US policy regarding Iran, there are several complications that threaten any and all Iranians looking to obtain a visa. This is additionally complicated seeing as the USA does not have an Embassy in Iran, forcing Iranians to go to their neighboring countries with a US Embassy like Dubai, Turkey, Italy, or even Austria and Germany.

At the moment, the only way for an Iranian citizen to get an immigrant visa to the USA is through family sponsorship and employment.

To be eligible for a family-based visa, Iranians need to provide adequate documentation and proof of family relations. The major differences between the US and Iran family law are a big obstacle for obtaining an immigrant visa.

Iranian law recognizes marriage to multiple wives, but US law does not. In such a case, the applicant needs to show proof of divorce to all but one wife, before they can apply for a family-based immigrant visa.

To get an employment-based immigrant visa, Iranians should have proof of employment and obtain sponsorship from a US-based business. This needs to be accompanied by adequate proof of education and other necessary documentation.

Iranians are eligible for temporary US visas for students. Still, these visas have freedoms but lack the long-term validity for legal stay in the USA.

To get familiar with all the options for obtaining a US immigrant or temporary visa, Iranian nationals can contact us via email or phone. For anyone in the USA who wishes to learn more about the visa options and resolving their legal status in the USA, they can email, phone or visit us at our office located in Coral Gables, FL.