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Immigration To U.S. From Brazil

Here at Hans Burgos, P.A. we’ve helped lots of clients complete the immigration process from Brazil to the United States. If you’re considering to begin the immigration process, then this information will hopefully give you further insight into things that you need to start thinking about.

Brazilian Citizens Obtaining An EB5 US Visa

The procedure for obtaining a US visa is a bit complex for the people of Brazil and it often necessitates professional assistance. Reason being, there are many different immigration hurdles that a person can encounter while navigating through the process. Anyone who looking to obtain a US visa should consult with an attorney who specializes in immigration law.

Who We Are

Our attorneys specialize in different areas, with an emphasis on foreign investment and immigration to the United States. We are here to help and can offer specialized services for our clients from Brazil.

Below is an overview of our services, with plenty of possible solutions for Brazilian citizens who wish to obtain their US visa as quickly as possible.

What We Do

Since there is no one unique way of obtaining a US visa, we provide our clients with all the possible options which are most likely to lead to success. To be eligible for getting a Green Card, also known as a Permanent Residency in the USA, our clients often take one of paths listed below:

  • EB5 visa – If you are a Brazilian citizen and have somewhere between $500K to $1M and are willing to invest it in a qualified US business, then you can very easily obtain your EB5 visa, and be well on the way of getting a Permanent US Residency.
  • EB1(c) visa – Is usually given to persons employed as a Multinational Manager or Executive in a foreign business that has a US affiliate or subsidiary, simplifying the process of obtaining a US Green Card. This way involves additional steps that involve an L1-A visa.

Professional legal assistance from an immigration lawyer is highly recommended in order to successfully obtain a US visa.

Opening/Expanding Businesses In The USA

To be able to open or expand an existing business in the USA, the business managers/executives need to obtain an L1-A visa. This visa allows the now US business to transfer skilled employees from their base to their US office, in this case from Brazil to the USA.

This is one area of expertise that our law firm excels. We are experienced in helping foreign businesses establish a US-based office, which also includes obtaining the L1-A visa.

There are other ways of obtaining a US visa, and they don’t involve investing many millions of dollars in the US economy. These are, however, less certain and involve more steps.  One of these is getting an E-2 visa.

Instead of investing between $500,000 and $1,000,000 to obtain an EB5 visa, our firm can assist you in obtaining an E-2 visa, albeit the long way. The good thing is that there are no stipulations that the E-2 visa candidate should be transferred from foreign business to its US affiliate.

There are some restrictions for Brazilian citizens in obtaining a direct E-2 visa, but we are here to guide you through this with as little hassle as possible. Some of the possibilities for obtaining an E-2 visa include:

  • Obtaining a nationality that is eligible for E-2 visa, for example, Italian nationality
  • Marriage to someone from a country that has an E-2 Treaty Trade with the USA
  • Getting a passport to a different country by investment. This step includes investing about $200K in a country that is a part of the E-2 Treaty Trade with the USA, which most of the European countries have. It is much simpler to do this and it is less expensive than directly applying for the EB5 visa, and is much faster than it seems.

For all the Brazilian citizens that are interested in obtaining any type of US visa that requires legal assistance, we are available to provide consultation services. Please feel free to call or visit our office located in Miami, FL (map and directions on the homepage).