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Australia To USA Immigration

Australia is a haven for immigrants from many countries all over the globe, but for Australians, the most popular country for immigration is the USA. They are in a unique position to be eligible for the E-3 visa, the result of an Australia-US Free Trade Agreement.

At our law firm, we have an experienced team of immigration lawyers who are knowledgeable and resourceful when it comes to helping Australians get immigrant and non-immigrant US visas.

Visa Options For Australians

The main visa options for Australians looking to come to the US on an immigrant visa is the EB-5 visa and getting a family-based visa sponsored by a US citizen.

The EB-5 visa is a direct route to obtaining a US Green Card. It requires the applicant to invest $500K to $1M in a US business, supporting the US economy. With this visa, the applicant can get their Green Card soon after entering the USA.

A family-based visa means that immediate or close family members that are US citizens can petition for a certain person to get a US immigrant visa. Under this option, there are several other possibilities, and to best understand them all, it is advisable to seek counsel from an experienced immigration lawyer.

There are several non-immigrant or temporary visas available for Australians looking to come to the USA. The E-2 visa is granted to people that will make a substantial investment in a US-based business. This is a temporary visa, but depending on the success of the business, it can be renewed indefinitely.

The E-3 visa, as noted above is only available to Australian nationals. This is a temporary work visa that has some similarities with the H-1B non-immigrant work visa. Next, there is the O-1 visa given to people with extraordinary abilities like artists, musicians, athletes, and scientists. The L-1A work visa is usually granted to business owners, executives, and managers who come to work in US-based offices of established Australian businesses.

As one can notice, there are plenty of visa options for Australians who are looking to come to the USA, whether on a permanent or a temporary basis. The best thing to do to learn all your options and increase your chances of obtaining a visa is to consult with an experienced immigration attorney.

A prepared immigration attorney will explain in detail everything you need and will carefully analyze your necessary documentation, ensuring you have a great chance for success. We are always ready to offer advice to our clients and anyone from Australia interested in coming to the USA on both immigrant and non-immigrant visas. For more information, visit our law office, call or email, and schedule your consultation with our team.